Careful attention to a surrounding landscape.
   The minimum of construction work at the site makes it possible to keep
   untouched the maximum of an existing landscape.
Compact design.
   The small sizes of the Blocks allow to arrange the houses conveniently on very small pieces of land.
   Besides, the small dimensions  make the buildings easy-to-deliver by any traditional way to regions
   difficult of access.
Design and efficiency.
   It is planned to use an modern architectural solution for objects both in exterior and interior.
   In spite of compact sizes, each block has an extremely functional planning,
   using space in a highly effective way and providing the most suitable solutions.
   A large variety of finishing creates an individual image
   of houses while the basic design is standardized.
   Depending on the need a great variety of houses
   can be created from the available functional Blocks.
   The price of a house will be determined by a complete set, purpose, type of use.
Speed and quality.  
   The Blocks are completely produced at the plant, including the exterior.
   The Blocks are only arranged outside, directly on the site.
   This Innovation gives an opportunity to have a house with a ready-made interior and exterior
   within several days maintaining the high quality of the building.