Owners of small plots.
   Compact dwelling houses with possibilities
   to enlarge them by adding extra functional blocks.
   It is available to create a great variety
   of houses at various prices.
   Easy delivery and installation.
   Compact overall dimensions.
   There is no need to have a large house a house for a week-end.
   The price of a house is comparable with that of a car.
Office solutions for business.
   Offices, sale offices, shops, office blocks at construction sites
   with comfortable distribution of staff and an opportunity to expand office facilities.
   Representative personalized level of finishing.
   An opportunity to carry them from one place to another.
   An opportunity to build inexpensive, moveable, quick-mountable villages on small pieces of land.
   Houses for special purposes: settlements for hunters, fishermen etc., office towns, hotel complex,
   motels, camps for children, houses for out-door events.
   Extremely easy and simple delivery and way of mounting of Ready-Made Blocks of the buildings
   allow to install a house far away from the manufacturing plant and in the shortest time.